Ascension is a community of close, collaborative individuals who enjoy playing and interacting with each other across multiple games. Orginally founded on the Arkenstone server in the Lord of the Rings Online (Lotro), Ascension was orginally formed with the intention of unifying the fragmented and deteriorating guilds on the server, many of whom were disillusioned with the state of the game and it's flagging leadership. With Ascension's rise, the server witnessed a resurgence of activity and competitive progression in both PvE and PvP. To this day, our guild serves as a rallying flag for organizing group content and our ranks continue to grow with each passing month.


We in Ascension have always looked to each other as friends and family, leaders and soldiers, tacticians and jesters. The entertainment and enjoyment we experience with each other creates enduring memories that reflect the spirit of what an MMO is really about - the connections you build with others. We are resilient. We have weathered content release dry spells and have overcome the strife within ourselves. Drawing upon our past experiences, we will continue to endure and adapt to the ever changing MMO landscape. We will grow with every patch and update. We will ascend. This is our Ascension. 


Won't you ascend with us?