Check out many of our accomplishments in LoTRO in our Chronicles page here.


Ascension is a mature, progression-focused community of gamers based in Lotro's Arkenstone server. Our membership includes many experienced and accomplished players with a diverse range of MMO experience - we continue to play together because we all share a kindred passion for gaming and we're always looking for new players to join our winning team. 

While our primary focus is on end-game progression, we do not limit our activities solely to PvE raiding, but instead strive to accommodate a variety of play-styles commensurate with the interests and values of our members. 

For those who are interested in raiding, we currently host 2-5 scheduled end-game PvE and PvMP raiding events each week. In order to suite our large player base, our raids are organized by the disparate goals and abilities of our raiders as either Challenge or Open raid events. Specifically, our Challenge raids are devoted to downing the most difficult content Lotro has to offer, leveraging a tailored group in an effort to prove our mettle and advance the kinship, whereas our Open raids are open to all raiders and focus on farming an instance for gear and raid experience. All of our raids currently require the use of Teamspeak for communication, and we employ a DKP system to facilite fair loot distribution.

Not a raider? Don't worry! Whether you enjoy solo PvMP in the Ettenmoors, questing and exploring throughout Middle-earth, or just chatting with friends in kin chat, Teamspeak or Ventrilo, you will find that Ascension provides a range of opportunities to meet the desires of all our members. 


Recruitment is currently open. We are looking for mature and active players who are interested in being an integral part of a successful team, and above all else find enjoyment playing Lotro and FF:XIV and interacting with other like-minded guildmates. If you are interested in being a part of Ascension, please contact an officer in-game to discuss your enrollment or click here to apply online. Applications are currently being reviewed by our officers weekly on Fridays - we will strive to accept/decline all applications within one week of submission.

Ally status is also an option for players who wish to remain in a separate kin, but still be able to sign-up and participate in Ascension raids. However, please note that full members will be given priority for some events and allies are not guaranteed a spot in any raid. As an alternative, you are allowed to bring a single character into Ascension and be treated as a full member - we do not require our players to bring all of their alts into the kin in order to obtain member status.

Upon acceptance you are encouraged to read our forums regarding our guild policies. We look forward to interacting with you in the game!